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Team Course


How to renew education? How to meet the objectives of curricula? How to make teaching and learning more phenomenon-based, team-based and cooperative?


Team Course is new pedagogigal model for Upper Secondary schools. It renews traditional educational structures and methods. Idema provides coaching for teachers and principals get to know the Team Course concept, methods used during Team Course and the theoretical framework behind the methods. Here is Team Course concept in a nutshell. HOX! Team Course can be implemented to different schools and time periods.

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Idema coaches encourage teachers to think outside the box and to break out of their comfort zone. Idema provides a full Team Course coaching from getting to know the model – to organizing the first experiment in own school.

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Professional Development days for Teachers and Principals


Renewal sounds compulsory and boring or inspiring and boosting? Is it difficult to make a change with out help? Do you want to renew teaching and learning, but you don’t know how?


Idema provides coaching for schools development and renewal with the pedagogy of team learning, team teaching and from a teacher to a coach – coaching.  Coachings are designed for teachers and principals of Upper Secondary schools / High schools and Higher education. Here is visualized the Idema process.


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Ideaguide is practical, simple and inspiring tool for ideation, team building and creativity boosting. Ideaguide consists of 29 different tools for warm-ups, ideation and refinement. There is also instructions and tips for ideation sessions, company stories about creativity and innovativeness as well as tips for additional reading.

With the help and techniques of Ideaguide

  • – team building is fun
  • – team work gets new boost
  • – new ways of thinking
  • – create multible new ideas
  • – learning to evaluate ideas

Ideaguide is available in Finnish and English

Price: 38€


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